How to solve track chain fall off November 06 , 2021

How to solve the track chain falls off for excavator or bulldozer

It is very common the track chain falls off on the excavator or bulldozer. Especially for a older machine. when this things happen, it can solve it in a short time for an experienced driver and will not influence his work efficiency. But It will be a headache problem for a new one.

There are some tips causing them to fall off

No.1: Cylinder oil leakage,abnormal working, and track shoes track tension too loose.

No.2:Improper clearance adjustment of idler, bracket and reducing plate.

No.3:Walking on stones for a long time, uneven force on track chain and broken down the track pin, wear and fracture of the chain.

No.4:There are foreign impurities between the idler and the track guard, improper operation will lead to uneven walking force of the track link, eventually the track chain will be pulled and broken.

No.5:Carrier roller seal oil leakage will lead to seriousupper roller wear, but also lead track chain to fall off.

No.6: Bolt on the idler are missing or broken.

No.7:Track chain is derailed due to excessive work load and long time serious wear.

How to avoid track chain disconnection

No.1:When walking on the site, try to put the walking motor behind to reduce the extrusion of the carrier roller.

No.2: Minimize the continuous long time walking of track chain, preferably no more than 2 hours.

No.3:Keep track shoes of appropriate tightness.When in soft soil, the track chain should be tightened, and the track links needs to be loose when walking on the soil and stone.

No.4:Check whether there is any foreign matter in the track. If there is, clean it up in time.

No.5:Timely check whether the tension cylinder works normally and whether the seal oil leaks. If so, replace it in time.

No.6:Try to avoid turning in place and check the track chain protector regularly.

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